Sunday, 24 October 2010

Strange Buildings.

Sometimes architecture can be so extraordinary that a building can make you feel like you are watching a science fiction movie.
It's obvious that many architects have such a strange imagination but is it always possible to combine their dream with the engineering reality?

Let's take a look at some REALLY strange buildings......

And we will discuss their structure directly :) [yes You will be impressed]

Stata Center (Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA)
Piano shaped building (Huainan, China)
Habitat 67 ( Montreal , Canada )
Great Mosque of Djenné (Djenne, Mali)
Great arche of defense (Paris, France)
Experience Music Project, Seattle, WA, USA
Kansas City Public Library ( Missouri , United States )
Forest Spiral - Hundertwasser Building ( Darmstadt , Germany )
Federation Square (Melboune, Australia)
Cybertecture Egg (Mumbai, India)
BWM Welt, Munich, Germany
Casa da musica (Porto, Portugal)
Edificio Mirador (Madrid, Spain)
Cubic Houses ( Rotterdam , Netherlands )
Atomium (Brussels, Belgium)
Tempe Municipal Building ( Arizona, United States)

1 comment:

princess said...

these buildings are very interesting with respect to form shape and spacing.
a real treat to the eye and inspiration to the budding architect!

you may also like these terms....

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