Tuesday, 15 February 2011

The art of celebrating the end of exams*

"...do try to have company immediately after you finish. 
The post-exam period can either be one of euphoria, 
in which case you'll want someone to appreciate 
your prolonged whooping and flamboyant
dance moves, 
or it can seem a bit  flat. 
Sharing either feeling with others should stop the lows getting too extreme".

Harriet Swain
"The Guardian"
the art of celebrating...

And now -although I know you'll miss me-
I think I need some rest..:-)


Nells said...

congrats girl!!it's time for fun and blogging!great blog!kiss


Nena. said...

back to my terms fashion girl!!!!!
thanks a lot!!!!!!!

you may also like these terms....

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