Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy Easter....Island!

As I was wondering how I could possibly combine Easter with architecture
I found an article on the newspaper about the "Easter Island"!
It's a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean,
So do you have any idea about the "architectural way of living" on this island?
......ahmm.....neither do I :-)
I've never been there,and the only thing I could find -with a little help of uncle google- is that Easter island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai!

These are monolithic human figures carved from rock between the years 1250 and 1500.Almost all moai have overly large heads three-fifths the size of their bodies. The moai are chiefly the living faces of deified ancestors.

So Happy Easter to all of you!

It doesn't matter if we are not on Easter island...the only thing that matters is that it's spring and we have enough time to spend with those we love.


Anonymous said...

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Nena. said...

thanks for your lovely comment!I am waiting for your ideas!
stay tuned:-)

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