Monday, 17 January 2011

Once you go never go back.

Some days ago I was looking for a moleskine daily planner and somehow I couldn't find the moleskine stand.
As I was wandering around the shop I almost bumped into this new moleskine collection.
"The hand of the Architect"!
I thought that it would be some kind of a sketchbook especially for architects.But I was was something really GREAT!It's a collection of autographed drawings by a group of well known architects.
 In order to be more specific about what it was about the information that I am sharing with you is straight from the official moleskine website.
Except for the price that is not included (around 50 euros,but trust me you will love it)!

The initiative starts with a question asked by Matteo Schubert of Alterstudio Partners, Milano: the hand of the architect, the sketch, is it still useful in a CAD era?
More than 100 internationally recognized architects answered by sending to FAI hundreds of hand drawn works, revealing that contrary to popular belief, the hand is faster than the computer. Now an exhibition organized by FAI- Fondo Ambiente Italiano called "The Hand of the Architect" with 378 autographed drawings were given to FAI as a tribute to Piero Portaluppi, the Milanese architect who designed Villa Necchi Campiglio, beautifully restored and opened to the public by FAI.

Moleskine has designed the catalogue in close collaboration with Abitare/Segesta: it includes all the sketches, as well as biographies and texts from designers, historians and art dealers. The catalogue, a 228 page Moleskine Folio notebook in A4 format is accompanied by a 120 blank page Cahier to be sketched through and through.
After the exhibition, from April 18th to May 10th,(the exhibition took place in 2009) the works were put on auction and all proceeds went towards Villa Necchi Campiglio's restoration and upkeep.

378 autographed drawings by a group of 110 internationally recognized architects as a tribute to Piero Portaluppi, all proceeds go to Villa Necchi Campiglio. 

Among the architects participating: Felipe AssadiGae AulentiMario BottaAldo CibicMassimiliano Fuksas (also participating in Detour New York, 2007), Michael Graves (also participating in Detour New York, 2007, and A Week in your Life, 2009),Vittorio GregottiZaha HadidAlessandro MendiniRenzo Piano (also participating in Detour New York, 2007), Paolo PortoghesiMatteo Thun

ps "The hand of the designer" is also available.

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